Sunday, March 30, 2008

getting married?

recently sum of my secondary school friends starting to get marry. One by one, just like tat...i just attended a good friend wedding dinner tat day. Was very happy for them.^^ a good friend of mine and my dear sister is getting marry next year.^^ my share group of the couple(ice & teck hee) is getting marry this year end.^^ Another couple is getting marry next year.^^when i was surfing on friendster...i saw a lot of old friends is already married during this year or last year.One of them gave birth to a baby boy last chirstmas.^^ Friends around me told me they are saving money for their marriage. Church recently also a lot of couple is getting marry, or already get married,it is really very joyful to attend their wedding and i feel very happy for them^^..but but but wow..its was scary for me..getting marry this word..dun really in my dictionary..i am not sure y..ppl around me one by one is getting marry!which is good of course...i starting to ask myself....about this...when will i get marry?how would i feel after i get married?wat is the main point that i wanto get marry?can i spend the rest of my life with him?how much do i love him til i can say "i do"?how to live with 2 mothers and 2 dads?how to communicated with his family?how to manage and prepare breakfast lunch and dinner for him, tat i dun even know how to manage mine at all?to be really commit with him, tat i dun like to commitment at all? many question bounds out of my mind if i think of marriage.i felt very scary and also geli when i think of this...hehe...but all this God can solve for me?ppl always say "NIKE" just do i suppost to just do it...?hahahaha....i guess all this answer will onli giving to me when i really experience it.^^
(actually i am not worry about this at all...just have many question pop out onli...hehehe)
chill out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
recently also duno y so moody..becoming more n more sad and does not have any mood to do anything include working as well....i ask myself izit in bored with my work or i am just feeling down.its normal for ppl to have a per

Friday, March 28, 2008

F.I.R - 三个心愿MV

recently i always listen to this song...felt very xin fu after listen..hehe...enjoy lo u guys..^^

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

dun torture them.

ads of the world

Monday, March 24, 2008

sakae sushi vz zanmai sushi

yesterday i went to sakae sushi with jean, kit n gui gui. my first time in this sushi res. i realize the price...really cheap huh...the cheapest is rm1.90 per plate. the taste is not bad ar....i enjoy fellowship with them..^^ and also thanks gui gui for belanja de sushi..kekeke...
in my mind sudenlly remember another sushi res. i visit during cny which is zanmai sushi...that one also not bad i was wondering which do u guys prefer? sakae or zanmai?if u taste both b4.

5 love language. which are u?

Last time i went to the marriage course, pastor said everyone have different 5 love language.
This can apply to even friends and family^^

1. spending time (having a dinner together just to chat about everything, watching tv)
2. touch (a simple kiss, an enourage tap on the shoulder)
3. gift ( buy him/her a correct present, tat they will like for a cheer)
4. words (encourage words, sms)
5. serve (eg. cut his/her hair, make coffee for him/her)

as for me i realize my love language is all the above 5...keke...but the importants is spending time n gift.
remember to understand your love lang n also your partner love lang so tat both of u can walk longer together...^^ enjoy
明白他/她多一点,好让我们可以走更长远的路 ⋯⋯加油哦大家

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my lunch mate

My Lunch Mate
Me n eva have a camera
sadness......:,( my always lunch mate....eva n heng mun, they are goin to move office ady...left me n yu ying...just the 2 of us here in sunway mas.......was very fun having lunch with them...toking crap...for an hour per day...hahahahah...goin to miss them kao kao lo...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3D mario

MR. MARIO-3D..last time i tot mario looks kindda young
in age....when i was young i always love to play this game...
now also the same...but this mario in 3D form looks so old.
seems lik getting older like me...sigh...hahahhahahahhaahha

Sunday, March 16, 2008

banana moon

eva and samentha wearing same shoe.^^

The beautiful let go

i cant sleep now and its midnite...tmr i still need to work..and need to wake up early...many things i haven done in work...been thinking of all this round and round my head...but i think the reason y i cant sleep is becuz..of THIS...i been praying n praying for this very long...never really mention to anyone...mayb cuz im not ready to say it out...and on my process of praying and waiting...i've learn a lot from God...sometimes i ask why i have to be like this in this way....some say im stubburn...some say i am stupid...but i say this is faith..becuz of faith i keep on waiting for an answer...becuz of faith i go on.....but slowly i realize tat this faith goes down....and no answer have hope....nothing i can that moment lent season is coming....and...i decided to fast n pray about this....the first say i fast and pray...God already give me an answer..which is Let Go...i was shok at the moment when i receieve this msg from God...tears from my eyes....falls drop by one din stop....until i really cried out badly for sometime...then i calm myself down...sitting beside my bed on the floor....wondering wat shall i do next...looking at no the dark room.....suddenly i heard a voice saying "Get Up", is a vocie from God...he ask me to stand up and continue to walk...with faith....after that i really walk up...step by step...walking with God each day and night...praying...n praying n praying..non stop....i believe there is a reason for everything...God has plan to me...which path...i need to walk?i need to choose.....God i surrender...i let go in the end...uphold everything to are above all...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

who is the soi zai?

That day while i on my way goin back home from work..
thinking of go see see some magazine in a book shop at the kj LRT...
suddenly i saw my picture inside with The One Academy friends...
was shok...cant believe it la...who go on post the picture in le....haha
btw...shu jun in blue shirt..then winny, kit are inside the picture too^^
our college look review...muahahahh

Thursday, March 6, 2008

plant your letter

Honda campaign - click the image to get more information