Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The warm love.

Tracy and i have a special way of knowing each other.
dinner from tracy, hugs from her love!
and from kok hoau! Blesssingssss

Thursday, May 12, 2011

JB means Claudia.

Finally i decided to plan a trip to meet my dearest friend Claudia.
So ngam she is in JB and both of us its jobless :p
and we could reli spend some quality time together.
well, we didnt reli go anywhere, and we just hangout in her house.
day 2 we decided to do baking. and our dish is CARROT CAKE.
i do love carrot cake, in some reason i remember is because
i tried a very good one in pavilion long long time ago.
that was my first carrot cake. and so... here it goes,
some picture to share :)
my bus ticket from kl - jb, sunday after church and i reached
to the bus station.

my view along the way, how boring with such view! -.-Zzzz

day 2. carrotsss.....for out cake.

she is helping with the eggs.

the hard part! carrot

my hand pain already o.

after everything mix together.


inside the oven!

hoorey!!! here it is. btw, its low fat (suitable for ppl that wanna loss weight)
but taste reli good!

we did a good job? with u, sure :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

poco world. all about design n food.

the main entrance side.

the main entrance.

food we order, japanese sauce & green tea. rm15

jean can fly.

so do i.

we found this.

thinking what should i eat!

nicely place :)

lover the corner.

they put heart in this restaurant.

a lot of artist book around.

jean's shooting.

not ready but still love.

give me the camera, said sio yean.

tired, but still look good :)

cheese :)

lausa n jean.

welcome to pipit world!

this is a cool handmade cake shop.

nicey :)

the kids love this...too cute to not look at it.

its a mirror!cool to have this in your bag.

i got this for hollie, she loves it :)

bring me home, mini postcard.

golden cake, indeed classic.

took this for samvun, cant afford to buy it so just took a pic of it :p

music box, its so pretty!

rm5 for a mini church.

wonderful colorful.

i am a rabbit but i dont speak.

happy mother's day flowers for rm29.90.

i would love to have this.

cherrian, her sis and her friend and me :)
i look horrible :/

jean & lausa & me. opps and baby in the stomach!

the lovely couple.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

somewhere i can call home too.

So many ppl to thank during this trip to kk & labuan.
It was really a direction-less trip this time around to kk & labuan.
Din really have plans or purpose, but i thank God of ppl around kk.
Specially Melissa betsy for place to stay @ 1b & Mich Lo for place to stay @ Beverly.
Driving me around here and there, i really touched by this heart. :)
Peter Fred to pick me from airport. Shilla for a dearly time to spend together.
Ian for yamchaing. Brian for day out hanging. and lotsa lotsa more people.

I am currently at labuan typing this.
Thank you uncle con & auntie lucy for place to stay, such a comfort house.
Thank emily & raymond for picking me up from airport & super dinner.

uncle con was really dearly, when i saw him this morning, i hug him in tears.
knowing that they have been praying for me all this while.
a very good catch up with them chatting, their voice comfort me deeply.
felt very home to be with them too.
nevertheless emily & raymond are the people that i will hug them in tears too.
i felt blessed to come back labuan this time around.
and i glad i gave comfort to uncle n auntie too.
sha sha is always our center of attention, and glad to meet our lil bro Reuven.
welcome him to my life too...will be loving him more n more.
tmr will be a great day hanging out with emily & raymond.
looking forward with great people here.
its 1:15am and i think its about time i go sleep :)
Lord, you are always my comfort!
you know when i have no body u sent somebody to me.
Good nite God!

p/s: sorry mummy i not able to celeb your birthday with u in kl, but when im am back, i will celeb with u and i love u deeply. muaks