Sunday, May 31, 2009

reaching june

i felt werid recently...things be frank i hate to change things goin around my life.. but it takes me no choice lo...if sum things have to be in tat way..can never b force...this year already goin to reach june..its so scary..i cant believe it..i really hope time will pass slower..but i think its imposible...since jan til now...i dun think anything change in me yet...i still do the same things...and pray the same prayer this not sure is this a good sign, but tis is wat happen to me in tis year lo...God i knwo ur listenning to my prayer..even a simple one..ur still listen..i believe..its just time to wait onli...i willing to wait anyway...its very weird..when times i have ntg really ntg tat time i onli know i have prayer...sumtime i was wondering y ppl can move on or change so fast but i cant!!!i really when i think back..its just like happen yesterday..i can still imagine everything tat laugher sadness tears love care anger...i can remember everything...izit means tat part of my memory is very important to me? i ask myself again day by day...and i guess the answer is YES!i hope in future i will get tat phonecall from u tat i mention b4..u know what i mean if u watch slam dog millionaire..May Your will done on us God!restore us!Amen:)

recently i join faith kids...chinese i think its temporary...not too sure about tat..and also bm faith kids...i brings me to b in church whole sunday...from morning til everning..and im attending vocal tranning in church on sat afternoon was kindda fun also...i enjoyed...but im really tired tis week....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

congratulation to uncle da niu n antie erna

wake up duck!!!!

wake up wake up wake up...dun sleep dun dream just wake up ok?

wake up duck!!!!

wake up wake up wake up...dun sleep dun dream just wake up ok?

daniu and erna's wedding

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i am very angry about myself.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

handmade hp holder

i did a hp cover for my hp....try sumthing out...with a big cherry 3D as a button for the tutup part..^^ at first i tot it doesnt work..but in the fits perfactly..hehe