Monday, August 27, 2012

i missmy dearest Lucas!

I miss home! Miss mom! Miss sis! Miss dad! Miss Lucas!!!!!!

Trying out something new!

A time in a restaurant call Playground @ City Mall. It's my first time. I love the concept, its colorful and fun. But the food its not as i expected. The location is not really that good! Therefore only me and ye ling "chang toi kaki" in the whole restaurant! Wonder how they can survive in such number of customer! hmmmm......

Friday, August 17, 2012

there you go!

                                          My boyfriend big smile :D
                                          Lucas and me <3 br="br">
                                          Big smile from both of us :)
                                          Joyselin, my younger sis
                                          Michelle Lo, we are having dinner together
                                          Celebrating my boyfriend's birthday with friends.
                                          My beloved students
                                          Housemates, glad that i have you.
                                          Shilla's weding :) She is beautiful
                                          Jovina and Sam :)
                                         @ Mdm Soo's with Ivy and Jas

It's been awhile.

It's been awhile i didn't blog.... coming back the feeling of blogging :)
My last post was the time with Denise at the pancake house, that was last year thing.
Time passes really fast, and it's been almost 1 year after the outing with her.
Miss her dearly :) Time to update some recent stuff that I am doing...
I will be going to a mission trip soon during October time :) excited about it :p
Next week I will be going to KL for Student's Convention, both its my first time and
I am looking forward about it too.... Just wanna post some random pictures :)

P/S: i have a boyfriend now :p Almost a year already...sorry that i didn't update you..
Enjoy the pictures :)