Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PassionRepublic Taiwan Trip

a perfect video to introduce taiwan.
this video is video by a malaysian company,
heard they are from The One Academy.
currently this video is bought by taiwan tourism..wow
good job Malaysia :)
this is the website of the company i think:

the proposer

every girls dream.

i would say after girls see this MV will sure feel like
wanto get married. because beautiful garden wedding
with white roses and setting like white house feel,
handsome and pretty young people. haha...almost perfect?

For me i feel very touch after read his lyrics.
he is a Christian so does his to be wife.
I admire his brave heart to sing in front of everyone
to declare his love to his to be wife with a album.
this is the first album i ever see b4 that is dedicate for his wife
with the promise of God in marriage.
very positive and full of hope the lyrics,
sometimes i kindda feel sick of listening to sad and emo songs.
enjoy the MV guys, hope you guys also can feel his love

Monday, September 27, 2010

i fall in love with this

best cover i ever heard so far!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

what else is better than this?

went snowflakes with hollie:)
got some catch up with her***
i order this 5.5 + taro ball (1.2) = 6.7
wanted to eat more (greedy) but end of the day cant finish it..:p
if jon goin us makan sure can finish it :p