Thursday, April 1, 2010

what is beauty?

some ppl can be pretty even how they dress up, ppl just love to look at them.
some just cant, are they just lazy to dress up or born that way?
i wonder how do ppl see the beauty of each person?
by their dress up? how they make up?
or just knowing the person deeper and realize their beauty
from inside out?


Jannie said...

Beauty is from the inner heart... As you know the person, you will see the beauty of that person from her/his heart, she/he will shine brighter than any make up and dress up.

yatzi jean lau tan said...

when u close ur eye, u see the inside. when u open ur eye...walau...:P

u watch this

it talk bout that topic

yatzi jean lau tan said...

malaysian is just too lazy to dress up & make up la. jus like i jus too lazy to exercise.


no ugly women but lazy women
now got many magazine like japanese, taiwan, & HK & ang mo one, jus simply grab one read then soon or later oso becom pro of ban leng leng

yatzi jean lau tan said...

u know, som ppl grab my attention when they walk pass me either they r phewiii or alamak